About Us


About Us

It doesn’t really matter what the context is. In business, when you find yourself starting a sentence with ‘If only…’ then there’s a real chance that you’re about to analyse a missed opportunity, a costly mistake or an ill informed decision.

As a financial consultancy, it’s a phrase we hate hearing our clients use. That’s why we set ourselves the task of eradicating the instances of ‘If only…’ and replacing them with more welcome alternatives such as ‘I’m so glad I…’ or ‘Thankfully I…’.

At Blue Sky Finance, it’s a challenge we set ourselves when analysing a client’s business finances, whether we’re looking at banking arrangements, finance agreements or cashflow. Our job is to identify and fix any potential ‘If only…’, making sure that clients have all the necessary support and advice to make reasoned, informed decisions in which they can have total confidence.

So how big a difference could we make in your business? Well our first tip would be to avoid finding yourself saying ‘If only I’d found out more about Blue Sky Finance’!

We are an independent company providing a full range of Asset and Financial solutions for the SME market place in the UK.

We have a team with over 60 years’ experience in all the key areas of business finance. Each member of our team has a specialism in particular areas of finance including Asset Finance, Office Equipment Finance, Vehicle Finance, Invoice Discounting, Commercial Mortgages and Banking Consultancy.