Your bank simply will not have the range of products and solutions that are available in the market limiting you to a choice which might not suit your requirements.

Apart from access to a wide range of funders we offer impartial and independent advice. We take the time out of researching the right products for each situation and then processing the application. In addition you get improved pricing taking advantage of our “buying power” with the providers.

Few things in business seem to change as frequently as technology.

Continually investing in new technology may help to grow your business and improve its operational efficiency but at what cost?

As a depreciating asset it just doesn’t pay to tie up valuable working capital which could be put to more profitable uses. Leasing technology is fast, flexible and a tax efficient way to invest in technology whilst freeing capital up for other uses.

What Technology can I finance? The whole solution covering hardware, software,training and installation.

Most businesses will need to invest in modern plant and the bank or cash will be a route often used. But stop to think for a few minutes. Would it not be better to preserve your working capital line with your bank and diversify your financing for acquiring such mission critical equipment.

After all you may need your bank to bridge a client paying late or a short term dip in cash flow to run the payroll. Neither of which you can finance using leasing. This helps de-risk the business and allows you to take advantage of other business opportunities.

Lease Purchase, Lease Rental, Operating Leases, Vendor Finance, Development Finance, Commercial Loans, Disclosed and Undisclosed Invoice Discounting, Bridging Finance, Overdraft Facilities, and Commercial Mortgages.

Financing using Lease purchase will mean the equipment financed belongs to you the client at the end of the hire period. Lease Rental is a means to hire the equipment for the period in question and then return the goods or continue to hire once the primary rental has finished.

Why Use Lease Rental?

The answer is twofold. One is driven by tax as 100% of the rentals are tax deductable when hiring and all the tax benefit accrues over the term of the lease. Unlike Lease Purchase where a 25% yearly allowance is given but on a reducing balance so the tax benefit accrues over many years. Secondly many assets are not long life and need to be updated on a regular basis such as technology and office equipment. In this case it makes sense to hire and benefit from the tax environment that surrounds this product.

What is Sale & Leaseback?

This is a method to raise working capital from equipment that you already own. It might be that you have a lot of fixed assets that you can use as collateral or simply a few machines that you wish to raise the money against. It helps bridge working capital and/or Investment requirements without having to approach your bank for increased facilities leaving this line of credit in tact.

How does it Work?

The equipment to be used is simply valued and a lease via either Lease Hire or Lease Purchase is created. You would then raise an Invoice directly on the relevant finance company and be paid directly from the organisation and the lease would then commence for the term you have agreed it over.

From 12 months to 8 years. The majority of equipment is financed between 2 and 5 years.

Invoice Finance enables you to access the day to day working capital you need to run your business by effectively turning your invoices into cash that you can use straight away.

When any company sells their products to a client price will be a major factor. For any company selling Office Equipment or Engineering Asset offering your client a no hassle solution to finance the purchase of your products can help increase sales, accelerate cash flow and assist in launching new products.

By offering point of sale finance your products become more affordable by offering a monthly rentals price of £350 V £10,000 up front cash cost. The finance house pays you as soon as the equipment is delivered and document signed.

By offering finance options it helps speed up the sales process as clients won’t need to seek their own finance arrangements meaning there is less time for competitors to step in. In addition it makes it easier for the client to upgrade the product as you release new versions.

At Blue Sky Finance we take care of all the infrastructure, training and implementation.

There are many but in summary we could obtain a significant reduction in interest costs. Provide a better structure in terms of short and long term borrowing. Additional borrowing to fund some equipment to help grow the business. It might be access to a more local manager. However it might be as simple as reducing your bank charges including a period of free banking.

In the current economic environment there has never been a better time to review your banking relationship.Is it the right one for your business?