New start company finance

Posted: 25 Nov 15


If you look right to us, we’ll get the backing you need even when your only figures, are projected ones.

Traditional lenders won’t look at start-ups unless someone’s house is on the line. And in the absence of the company owners offering their personal equity, many turn to VCs, who want equity in the company and lots of it.

In contrast, we work with new companies to enable lenders to see the inherent value in the business. If your business has a good case, we can secure the funds to help get it underway. Much depends upon the track record of the leaders and owners, as well as what the finance will fund. In one case, for example, we raised over £100,000 for a company which was just a few months old and had a negative balance sheet of over £200,000. Its order book, however, was strong and its main need was for capital equipment. The money was raised, orders completed and all the finance paid off, in less two years.

For further information, please speak to any member of the team on 01452 84991.

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