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Posted: 25 Nov 15


A huge cost for many companies, against which few will lend. We know who will – at sensible rates.

Why do most lenders accept hardware as collateral but not software, despite the fact that many companies – especially in design and financial services – spend much more on the latter? Their answer, that it is practical to secure loans against physical objects, but not intellectual property, appears to makes a lot of sense. But the shelf life of most hardware and its relative cost has eroded that logic almost out of existence.

More enlightened lenders know this. Working with you, we show these lenders the difference the software you need will make to your competitiveness and profitability, and thereby secure the finance required. Ultimately, they know that when it comes to IT, whether what you need is delivered in a truck, downloaded via a link or simply accessed online, it’s the value to your business which matters. For further information, please speak to any member of the team on 01452 849910.

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