Vehicle Finance

Posted: 25 Nov 15


For a single vehicle or a fleet, new or used.

As well as providing finance, our knowledge of the car and commercial vehicle dealership networks is such that we can often find the vehicles you need, at the very best prices, from a fleet of vans to a single classic car.

Manufacturer’s new vehicle deals often look great – until you look under the bonnet. Large cash discounts top the list of benefits you can miss out on. But what about that nearlynew models which are cheaper still? Or the one year old ones which are half the list price?

Whilst most of the vehicle finance we arrange tends to be for small fleets with a mix of cars and light commercial vehicles, we have lenders who focus on specialist sectors such as agriculture, aviation and construction.

For further information, please speak to any member of the team on 01452 849910.

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