What shape is your business?

Posted: 25 Nov 15

I’ve known and worked with the team at Blue Sky Finance for over 20 years. They offer the exceptional industry expertise and service standards that we demand for our clients.
Gareth Ratcliffe,
Finance Director
Nunwood Consulting Group Ltd.

What shape is your business?

The attitude and approach to both credit and equipment type varies widely throughout the UK finance industry. As a result preferred customer profiles will differ. Lenders will focus on particular sectors and product types. They will also reach limits on the credit they will advance to any individual company. So the better you fit their profile the better the deal will be for you.

Finance shaped around you

Our focus is on securing the very best solution for your organisation. We monitor the whole UK market and have regular contact with a wide spectrum of lenders, giving us a clear picture and understanding of the finance market.

So whatever shape your business is in, we know where to secure the finance that fits.

Case Studies

From one thousand pounds, to hundreds of thousands…

…our services reflect a responsive, client-focused ethos, and long-term approach. The great majority of our clients return to us, not least because we can help them to explore a greater variety of financing options than any single lender.
These include:

Tangible asset finance

Traditional commercial finance. Most often of capital items such as engineering, technology, furniture, office equipment and general plant and machinery.

Intangible asset finance

We have several excellent sources of finance for purchasing assets such as IT, software and related installation cost.

Sale and leaseback

This is an option across most assets, not just property. It enables businesses to leverage assets they already own, raising valuable working capital separate from existing bank facilities.

Start-up (working capital) finance

Great start-up propositions rarely have trouble attracting ‘angel’ investors. Those angels tend to want a large slice of equity. Lenders willing to finance working capital over the setting-up period can provide a much more attractive answer, whilst keeping you in full control of your business.

Invoice discounting

Many companies can leverage out their existing debtor book. This allows them to raise working capital against all of the invoicing they produce. We have a diverse source of funders in this sector to suit all different companies.

Vehicle finance

We handle individual and fleet HP and contract hire agreements for cars and all manner of trade vehicles.

Commercial mortgages & loans

We can arrange finance for purchasing properties or just simply raising working capital.

With over 50 years’ experience in the financial services industry, our committed team at Blue Sky Finance are constantly working towards our goal of being trusted and valued partner to your business.

To help you understand a little more about our services call us on 01452 849910 or email us: info@blueskyfinanceltd.co.uk

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