What We Offer


Price is always going to be a major consideration in any sale, but a client’s lack of budget doesn’t have to reduce their ability to purchase. Offering clients a no hassle solution to financing the purchase of your products can help increase sales, accelerate cash flow and assist you in launching new products.

For example, proposing a rental figure of £350.00 a month rather than an outright capital payment of £10,000 should soften the blow and enable your clients to build the cost into their annual budgets.

Our service is all about tailoring packages to perfectly suit you and your clients’ requirements. As experienced independent advisers we research the whole market to identify the solution that’s right for your clients’ needs. We also manage the entire process, liaising with lenders and ensuring and slick exchange of information and paperwork.

Benefits to you:

  • The finance house will pay you as soon as the agreement is signed
  • Increased sales potential as your products become more affordable
  • Offering finance options speeds up the sales process as clients wont need to seek their own finance arrangements meaning there is less time for competitors to step in
  • Once your client has budgeted a monthly set amount to purchase your product it may be easier to sell an upgraded solution. You will not be asking for any up-front capital payments, only an adjustment to the already budgeted figure.
  • You will receive full training as well as ongoing internal and external sales support
  • You are building for potential for future sales

Benefits to your clients:

  • They can buy what they need not what they think they can afford
  • Allows your client to spread the cost of investment over an agreed term
  • It’s tax efficient. Unlike paying outright for the solution where the tax benefits are received over many years through capital allowances, 1 00% of the tax benefits are received through the term agreed
  • No need for them to source their own finance arrangements

The result? We believe you’ll be delighted to have found a financial solution that works for you and your clients. Your clients will not only have access to the products you can offer but also a facility that will assist with the purchase. A win-win situation for both of you!

What we offer

  • Point of Sale Finance for companies who wish to offer finance to their clients.
  • A full service allowing your clients to acquire product without the budget constraints of having to find upfront cash.
  • We provide all the support and infrastructure leaving your clients to enjoy all the benefits of using leasing as a tool for Investment.
  • Ideal for increasing sales and accellerating cash flow as payment is made on delivery. No more waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for payment.
  • Many companies who sell a variety of business equipment could benefit from Vendor Finance. This simply allows you to offer your equipment on a finance installment basis instead of having to charge the full cost up front.
  • We cover all types of Office Equipment, Technology, and Software, right the way through to engineering and manufacturing equipment. This list is by no means comprehensive as it covers any business where offering a monthly payment would help your client acquire what they really need and not what they think they can afford.
  • We provide all the support and back up so you can simply offer the service and we do the rest.